Upload Apostille:

In order to upload document as apostille to blockchain, you need:

Step 1: insert your private key. This private key is used to sign the Apostile Sending operation

To work with blockchain you likely need private key with ether for transactions. If you dont have private key - click here and I will give you random private key with some testnet Ethereum.

Step 2: Select document:

After you select the document, it will be converted to Base64 encoding, than it will be fed into sha256 hash function and be transformed into hash

Step 3: Type in some tag for your new apostille. The Apostille will be saved in unreadable format, so this tag will help find particular apostille

Step 4: Push the button

Get all apostilles of particular user

Your Ethereum Address is:

Apostille Verification

To verify if certain user has uploaded particular document to network, you need to have this user's address and hash of the document in question. If the document was apostilized by this user, the Verify button will return positive result